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Help People Learn English
Aula inglés al español los carteles, folletos y hojas 
English Spanish Classroom Posters, Placemats & Booklets

We have developed a proven system to help school children begin to learn English and Spanish with very basic and affordable materials. Programs provide schools, after school programs and libraries a variety of products which improve the opportunity to begin learning English or Spanish. Students of all ages learn the numbers from 1 to 100 and 250 Pictionary translations in English and Spanish.  Teachers and parents can create unlimited Math lessons for years. Custom booklets and placemat editions are available to promote sponsors in the USA and throughout Latin America.

Help People Learn English.com fundraising programs exchange Restaurant.com USA dining discounts for donations and we earn commissions from online purchases through our webpage advertising. Proceeds help earn the money required to purchase classroom supplies and publish reusable booklets and placemats. Support the program with no money out of pocket. Make online purchases and receive an equal value of Restaurant.com gift certificates. We will create a webpage for a group.
Visit the Team Lions Club  and Team Indiana webpage.

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