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Limited to 20 names/logo per edition of 2000 copies.
Proceeds are used to provide schools products.

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Sponsor 10 Costa Rica or 10 Nicaragua schools for $2500.
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You Can Help People Learn English, Spanish, Geography and Math Everyday

We have developed a proven system to help school children begin to learn English, Spanish and Mathematics with very basic and affordable materials. Students of all ages in Costa Rica,
Latin America, Europe, USA and worldwide have the opportunity we have created to begin learning English, Spanish, Geography and Math.
Students of all ages learn the numbers from 1 to 100 and 250 Pictionary translations in English and Spanish.
provide teachers and parents 1250+ Math lessons with answers for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication lessons. Teachers and parents can create unlimited Math lessons for years. Programs offer teachers the opportunity to participate in local and International programs.  Visit Jobs and Internships.   You can provide materials for schools, after school programs and libraries. Custom booklets and placemat editions are available to promote

Donated $50, you receive $50 Gift Card
(2 $25 gift cards or
5 $10 gift cards)
A set of 4 classroom/home study placemats and a set of 4 dry erase markers is provided to the Costa Rica program.